The Homeopathic Consultation (What to Expect)

Each one of us is unique with our own set of habits, physical ailments, reactions and thought processes. In homeopathy it is these individual elements that count. In essence, the homeopathic consultation seeks to capture what makes a person an
individual. Homeopathy involves looking at the whole person taking into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that combine to make us unique.

The First Consultation (Step 1)

The first consultation is centered around getting to know you. This involves obtaining a detailed medical history and gathering information about any symptoms (physical or emotional) that have been affective and characteristic to you. It may also include
discussion around your sleep, energy levels, patterns of behavior; the aim of the first consultation is to obtain a picture of you as a person as well as detailed information about your symptoms.

Follow up Consultations

These usually take place every 4 weeks. The follow up consultation provides an
opportunity to review progress.

All homeopathic prescriptions are tailored to the individual.


I am available for free support via email or phone between appointments if needed. It is important for me to know if you have any concerns relating to a prescription.