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How to Develop Resilience

How to Develop Resilience Ever wondered why two people faced with the same situation respond so differently? Or maybe you find yourself making a comparison with someone in a similar situation and wishing you could manage things in a more positive, healthy way. The good news is that you can – resilience is our ability… Read more »

Manage your Hay Fever Symptoms

Manage your Hay Fever Symptoms The clocks go forward this weekend, which can only mean one thing – spring is on its way! Soon we can enjoy lighter evenings and warmer weather, which means more time outside in parks, pub gardens, walks in the countryside, film screenings held outside and much more! London seems to… Read more »

How to Manage Anticipatory Anxiety

How to Manage Anticipatory Anxiety Anticipatory anxiety can seem like a scary and rather serious label, however it is familiar to all of us. Ever panicked about an upcoming event, exam or job interview? If the answer is yes, then you have experienced anticipatory anxiety. A little bit of anxiety can be a good thing,… Read more »

Wrong decision? How to make it right

Wrong decision? How to make it right A lot of the time we worry about making the wrong decision. I know I have spent hours talking over the same issue, worrying about what decision to make, what impact it will have and most importantly will it be right or will I live to regret it?… Read more »

Simple Ways to Improve your Focus

Simple Ways to Improve Your Focus   We have all experienced a lack of focus becoming easily distracted (staring into space, looking out the window, idly internet surfing) and finding any other task more attractive than the one required of us. Similarly, there are periods of time when we lack motivation and will power to… Read more »

How to Reduce the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

There are varying reports as to how harmful electromagnetic radiation is since the boom of technology over the last 50 years. The use of wireless devices is now part of everyday life, in coffee shops, underground stations, at home, restaurants – in fact it is harder to find somewhere with no wifi in the Western… Read more »