Simple Ways to Improve your Focus

Simple Ways to Improve Your Focus   We have all experienced a lack of focus becoming easily distracted (staring into space, looking out the window, idly internet surfing) and finding any other task more attractive than the one required of us. Similarly, there are periods of time when we lack motivation and will power to… Read more »

Want to Make the New Year 2015 Different? Read on…

Want to make the new year 2015 different? Firstly I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and apologise for my absence in the last month. I got swept away with the holiday season and then travelled to sunnier shores (see picture above)! Whilst being away I reflected on the past year… Read more »

How to Cure a Hangover – Preparing for the Festive Season

How to Cure a Hangover When we over indulge, alcohol becomes toxic and our body reacts, equalling the symptoms of a hangover. The best cure for a hangover is prevention; drink in moderation and keep well hydrated throughout the time you are drinking. However, let’s be honest for a lot of us, with the festive… Read more »

Are you Suffering with the Winter Blues?

Suffering with the Winter Blues?  The other day the weather was horrible; armed with my umbrella, looking at the grey sky, nearly bare trees and feeling rather cold, I thought to myself for the first time this year – I hate Winter! I felt cold and irritable. For most of us this time of year… Read more »

How to Reduce the Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

There are varying reports as to how harmful electromagnetic radiation is since the boom of technology over the last 50 years. The use of wireless devices is now part of everyday life, in coffee shops, underground stations, at home, restaurants – in fact it is harder to find somewhere with no wifi in the Western… Read more »

How to Boost your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Time and time again I hear about the same cause holding people back – whether it be from achieving the career they want, the relationship they seek or the lifestyle they dream of – this cause is fear. Fear seems to be the most consistent negative emotion that stops people from doing what they want… Read more »