Just Be Yourself – Part 3, Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is using your imagination to get what you want in life. The great thing is that we do this already; we just need to do it in a more conscious way. How? Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Try some deep breathing exercises to assist relaxation, you may find music… Read more »

Just Be Yourself – Part 2, Positive Affirmations

This post introduces the concept of positive affirmations as a step towards how to feel better about yourself. What? Positive affirmations are simply statements that are repeated and describe how we want to be. The theory is that through enough repetition, these statements will sink into our subconscious mind and eventually like a self-fulfilling prophecy… Read more »

Just Be Yourself – Part 1

Recently South Korea has come under the spotlight as a hub for cosmetic surgery, especially for girls and young women. Some of these girls are under 16 years old. The results are so radical, some have to obtain a new ID to prove who they are following surgery. Although an extreme example, this got me… Read more »

Spring – It’s the simple things that count

It is so easy to forget in our ever so busy lives, the simple things in life. I believe the appearance of sunshine and flowers in the change of season helps us to appreciate and experience these simple things. Sitting on the grass with the sun shining in a peaceful place, immediately brings some greatly… Read more »